MEN'S RACE Triathlon Wetsuits, 4.0MM YAMAMOTO SCS
MEN'S RACE Triathlon Wetsuits, 4.0MM YAMAMOTO SCS
MEN'S RACE Triathlon Wetsuits, 4.0MM YAMAMOTO SCS
MEN'S RACE Triathlon Wetsuits, 4.0MM YAMAMOTO SCS
MEN'S RACE Triathlon Wetsuits, 4.0MM YAMAMOTO SCS



      Garment features:

      ● Yamamoto SCS neoprene
      ● 580% flexible SQ flex inner lining
      ● Low modular tech
      ● Stable Trinity Support System
      ● Engineered groove shape paddles
      ● Double-layer collar
      ● Quick-release ankle panels
      ● Eco-based & Safety materials
      ● 2-year warranty

      Neoprene thickness:

      ● Chest: 4mm
      ● Back: 2mm/3mm
      ● Arms: 1.5mm
      ● Upper legs: 4mm
      ● Lower legs: 3mm
      The ideal gear exceeds your expectations
      The RACE is designed as a 'performance advancer' wetsuit without deflecting from flexibility, buoyancy and durability.
      Superb Buoyancy
      Different thickness on different body parts create a natural range of motion in the swim stroke, especially, 4mm Yamamoto SCS neoprene adopted the entire front and wraps ensure a superior buoyancy. Faster, smoother swimming with less effort.
      Outstanding Flexibility
      The concept of low modulus is proposed by SUMARPO for the first time in the field of triathlon. Using low modular technology(LMT) can reduce physical consumption and improve the efficiency of swim stroke. For instance, swing the arm 300 times in the same unit, the LMT material consumes less energy. By adopting the LMT tested hundreds of times, 1.5mm Yamamoto neoprene and the 580% highly SQ flex inner liner in the arms and shoulders. This guarantees minimal resistance and ultra low modulus, making you exercise more freely at your own pace.
      improved speed
      Yamamoto SCS coating layer highlights low resistance on the surface which can increase speed through the water. Plus, GSP water grippers is also a good companion with speed performance.
      Eco-based & Safety materials
      100% Limestone Neoprene
      Premium Yamamoto neoprene is derived from limestone instead of petroleum.
      Unlike NR (natural rubber), limestone neoprene is a kind of CR (chloroprene rubber), excluding allergen and cancerogen, which is totally healthy for human-being.
      The exploitation and production process is eco-friendly, with renewable energy sources such as hydroelectricity.
      Eco-based & Safety materials
      Water-based & non-benzene adhesive
      SUMARPO, as the first, adopts water-based and non-benzene adhesive for triathlon wetsuit, which is more eco-friendly than other oil-based and benzene-containing adhesive. This is a historical milestone of triathlon career on the environment protection.
      Eco-based & Safety materials
      Recycled lining fabrics
      Made from fibers certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, these recycled & degradable lining fabrics are born from nature and able to back to nature, which helps to protect the environment.
      Thermal insulation
      Different thickness Yamamoto neoprene constructed in this wetsuit, together with the SQ flex liner, provides excellent thermal insulation that will let you forget about the water temperature when facing your challenges.
      Ergonomic Design
      - The double-layer collar is designed for preventing water from entrying into your wetsuit.

      - The inverted U-shaped leg cuff goes hand-in-hand 1.5mm SCS V-shaped piece, which increases the elastic space of the leg cuff and gives extra convenience to donning.
      Stable Rotation
      A trinity stable rotation system consists of back central support and two-side Yamamoto neoprene panels, which can maintain a balanced centerline and agile side-to-side movement, and eliminates the dead spot when swimming.