Garment features:

      ● SUMARPO Aeroatom cells
      ● Yamamoto #45 neoprene on shoulders and arms
      ● SCS NANO coating
      ● 580% flexible SQ flex inner lining
      ● Low modular tech
      ● 3D silicone GSP system
      ● Eco-based & Safety materials
      ● Ti-α-seal thermal tech
      ● Stable Trinity Support System
      ● Quick-release ankle panels
      ● Ergonomic-designed collar
      ● 2-year warranty

      Neoprene thickness:

      ● Chest: 5mm
      ● Back: 3mm/4mm
      ● Arms: 1.5mm
      ● Upper legs: 5mm
      ● Lower legs: 4mm
      Always focus on your victory
      Adopting the cutting-edge technology and innovative ergonomic design, VICTORY is the top-level wetsuit for elite triathletes unprecedentedly
      Unparalleled Buoyancy
      The adopted Areoatom upgraded by SUMARPO technolohy has a 30% increase in buoyancy than Aerodome, making Victory 8% more buoyant than wetsuits with Aerodome. Triathletes can feel it shift their weight forward for a perfectly balanced swimming position.
      Ultimate Flexibility
      The concept of low modulus is proposed by SUMARPO for the first time in the field of triathlon. Using low modular technology(LMT) can reduce physical consumption and improve the efficiency of swim stroke. For instance, swing the arm 300 times in the same unit, the LMT material consumes less energy. By adopting the LMT tested hundreds of times, 1.5mm Yamamoto #45 SCS neoprene panels on the shoulders arms combined with 580% flexible SQ flex inner ensure you increase frequency per stroke and guarantee minimum physical waste.
      Extreme Speed
      SCS NANO Coating
      Yamamoto SCS NANO coating covering the entire front panel effectively reduces water drag, making you swim fast with less energy. The low resistance (0.021 CDF) achieves the best water resistance performance in the top-level wetsuits.
      Speed Boost
      3D silicone GSP system
      The re-engineered silicone GSP (groove-shaped paddles) pro system gives more propulsion, taking you experience an unprecedented speed. The use of silicone material significantly increases wearing resistance and extend product lifetime.
      Eco-based & Safety materials
      100% Limestone Neoprene
      Premium Yamamoto neoprene is derived from limestone instead of petroleum.
      Unlike NR (natural rubber), limestone neoprene is a kind of CR (chloroprene rubber), excluding allergen and cancerogen, which is totally healthy for human-being.
      The exploitation and production process is eco-friendly, with renewable energy sources such as hydroelectricity.
      Eco-based & Safety materials
      Water-based & non-benzene adhesive
      SUMARPO, as the first, adopts water-based and non-benzene adhesive for triathlon wetsuit, which is more eco-friendly than other oil-based and benzene-containing adhesive. This is a historical milestone of triathlon career on the environment protection.
      Eco-based & Safety materials
      Recycled lining fabrics
      Made from fibers certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, these recycled & degradable lining fabrics are born from nature and able to back to nature, which helps to protect the environment.
      Thermal insulation
      VICTORY maintains your body temperature in the cold water. Our secret weapon is a combination of Ti-α seal tech applied at the sleeve cuffs and Yamamoto neoprene provides excellent thermal insulation.
      Ergonomic Design
      -The stamper collar is designed for minimizing the chafing, avoiding water entry, and maximizing the comfort.
      - Ti-α seal tech applied at the sleeve cuffs reduce the skin chafing as well.
      - Featuring super stretch fabrics, each inverted U-shaped leg cuff with one V-shaped piece design provides more smooth space for ankle, making it easy to dress on and take off.
      Stable Trinity Support
      The central support of the back and the Aeroatom of the side body form a stable trinity support system, which provides a balanced and agile side-to-side movement, and eliminates the blind spot when swimming.
      Fast Donning and Off
      A wide range of Slip Skin inner lining allows the body to slide in smoothly and easily, just like a butter! The pinpointed thickness of the lower body forms a reverse driving force, convenient to put on and take off.

      Testing Review

      Nicolas Dewalque

      The buoyancy of the victory wetsuit is incridble, it made open water so smooth.

      Nicolas Dewalque

      Requel Henares

      Swimming in open and cold waters is always a challenge that without a good wetsuit becomes very tedious. This wetsuit from Sumarpo meets what is needed since it is very comfortable when doing the stroke and sliding, it has the right buoyancy, it is easy to put on and take off, which is essential to compete. It adapts so well to the body that it maintains your body heat throughout the journey. I love my new acquisition !!!

      Patrick Delorenzi

      The biggest improvement I found is now doubt the super flexible shoulder panels that have ZERO restriction on the shoulders, something that I had never felt yet with any of the wetsuits I have tried.

      Patrick Delorenzi

      Chad Bykerk

      This past weekend I tested the new Victory wetsuit and it did not disappoint! The wetsuit uses a special kind of neoprene making it more buoyant than conventional neoprene. The shoulder panels also provide great flexibility with ZERO restriction. Not to mention, the wetsuits is made from all recycled material making it 100% eco-friendly!