Women's Triathlon Trisuit, SUMARPO ECHO
Women's Triathlon Trisuit, SUMARPO ECHO
Women's Triathlon Trisuit, SUMARPO ECHO
Women's Triathlon Trisuit, SUMARPO ECHO
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      ECHO is suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned triathletes, the suit offers enhanced features and premium fabrics. Protecting against the challenges of long course racing fatigue and helping you realize your championship dream.

      ECHO features ultra-lightweight breathable Italian fabrics that feel superior against the skin,wicks moisture away & dries very quickly. Keeps you cool & comfortable.


      1>The fabric processed by hydrophobic treatment which can keep the garment dry at all times.

      2>Component of 71% polyamide and 29% elastane,which will provide necessary compression power to stabilize muscles and reduce lactic acid for optimal power by enhancing circulation.

      3>UVP50+ XTRA LIFE LYCRA® Acclimatize to the long critical sports environments.


      4>Antibacterial application repels odor and inhibits bacterial growth for prolonged freshness.



      1>The aerodynamic design fits the skin perfectly, allowing you to avoid abrasions, reduce the sense of restraint on the body, and minimize wind resistance,and will maintains its perfect fit whether you are cycling or running.

      2> Unique mesh fabric under armpit and back improved breathability and comfort where you most need it.

      3>The silicone elastic grip on the arm and leg cuff both have anti-slip and breathability,keeps the shorts in place offering you unequalled comfort.

      4>Lined Front zipper with zipper protection for high comfort and extra ventilation during exercise.

      5>High quality Italian pad: a made to measure triathlon pad design. Minimising water absorption and providing vital protection during the cycling phase,without impeding your swimming or runnuing.

      6>A low-profile neckline is designed for improving fit without chafing.

      7>The slantpockets with ingenuity located on the lower backfor quick access and secure storage.

      8>The reflective design gives you extra visibility in the darkest hours.

      9>Echo features ergonomic paneling for optimal muscle support and breathability to achieve extra endurance performance.

      10> Flatlock stitching for stretch + zero chafe.

      11>Echo processes water-repellence treatment to make you faster.

      12>Sleeveless design keeps 100% free of movement compression fit that moves with your body.