How Tight Should a Wetsuit Be?

How Tight Should a Wetsuit Be

We recommend watching the video at the link below and trying on the wetsuit again correctly to see if the wetsuit feels any different.

It’s not an easy task to find the perfect fit for your wetsuit, but that doesn’t make it any less important. If you enjoy swimming and other water activities, finding a wetsuit that fits well is a critical task. What if the wetsuit you opted for turns out to be too big and loose? It can hinder movement while you’re in the water, resulting in a poor swimming experience. Similarly, if you opt for a smaller wetsuit, it will restrict your movement with exaggerated body fitting. So while it may take some time, finding a wetsuit that fits properly can help you swim comfortably.

Although wetsuits have to be skin-tight, they mustn’t be uncomfortable at any point while you’re swimming. In this post, you will learn about how Sumarpo Triathlon wetsuits offer the perfect size, fitting, and quality!


Mind personal body type

Sumarpo has published detailed sizing charts for both height and weight, but some body types just don’t fit nicely into these charts. So you can contact SUMARPO’s customer service at any time and speak to professionals about your queries. SUMARPO makes sure you get the best size and shape of the eco-wetsuit to enhance your regular swimming activities and hobbies. Find out more about eco-wetsuits through the official website. 


Make sure that there is no big gap

Check to see that the wetsuit pulls into your front chest and back waist and there are no big gaps, just like your second skin. Try raising the crotch of the wetsuit if there is extra space, if there is still too much excess fabric in any particular area, the wetsuit may be too big and it is recommended that it can be swapped for a smaller size.


Collar comfort is very important

Feel where the collar sits on the neck. Well, if the collar doesn’t sit right on your neck or feels too high or too low, you’ve got the wrong size.


Arms and legs length is secondary

Shorter arms and lengths on a wetsuit aren’t a big issue, they can be troublesome to cope with if too long. If everything on the wetsuit fits perfectly, but the hands and legs appear marginally short, this will not have any effect on your swim time.


Make sure the crotch is comfortable

One of the main things to check for fitting is the fitting around the crotch. If it feels too tight or uncomfortable, especially if you take long steps, it’s not the right size. The same goes for a wetsuit size that’s too large for you. When you move, it may feel like you’re dragging the wetsuit along with you.

If the wetsuit appears to be comfortable around the crotch when you take long steps, walk close steps, or crouch, you’re wearing the right size. However, if you’re uncomfortable and it feels like there’s too much space around the crotch after wearing your wetsuit, you’re wearing a bigger size.


Must Be Comfortable Around The Shoulders

One of the main tricks to know if a wetsuit is your size is to check how comfortable your shoulders are after wearing it. For instance, if it feels like the wetsuit is pulling down your shoulders and restricting arm movements, especially lengthy stances, switch to a more comfortable wetsuit size.



If you are preparing for a triathlon, choosing the right wetsuit is very important. The key to getting the right wetsuit is to buy the right size for your body type, true fitting comes from the right material composition. If you have any inquiries about a Sumarpo wetsuit, please feel free to contact us at any time!