How to Look After Your Triathlon Wetsuit Well

How to Look After Your Triathlon Wetsuit Well

Do you love triathlon and swimming? Well, buying a triathlon wetsuit isn’t enough. You have to look after your wetsuit to avoid wasting your expensive investment.

Do you love swimming two every weekend at your nearest swimming spot? Your wetsuit is probably among the most expensive investments inside your swimming kit. It’s an amazing piece of equipment that helps you stay comfortable without compromising on the fun of being in the water. Today, swimmers find triathlon wetsuits extremely helpful and great for swimming. From beginner swimmers to professional athletes, many enjoy investing in expensive triathlon wetsuits from leading swimming gear manufacturers.

Although most swimmers love wearing this type of wetsuit, a major issue is that they aren’t fully aware of how to look after it. Since it’s a big investment in your swimming kit, it’s worth looking after.

How to Take Good Care of Your Triathlon Wetsuit?

Triathlon wetsuits offer a range of benefits to beginner swimmers and professional athletes. Since they have an advanced polymer construction, they keep the body at an optimal temperature for longer than any usual swimsuit, even when submerged. Of course, it’s important that you purchase a top-quality wetsuit from the right manufacturer to avoid dealing with maintenance issues.


  • Tips to Wash

For starters, rinse your wetsuit thoroughly when you’re done swimming. Washing off visible dirt is easier when the suit is wet. Even if you don’t see any dirt, chlorine inside a swimming pool is no good for your suit. So, rinse thoroughly and avoid the use of any detergents. Use clean and pure water that doesn’t contain any harmful substances or impurities that could potentially damage your triathlon wetsuit.

If you used Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly around the ends of the suit, such as ankles and wrists, make sure to clean it properly. You can use a pH-neutral soap to help remove the residue on your suit.


  • Tips to Dry Naturally

The most important tip to dry your wetsuit after cleaning it with cold or lukewarm water is that you have can’t keep it under direct sunlight. You must let the triathlon wetsuit air-dry in a shaded area. Also, avoid hanging it near a radiator or window to prevent contact with direct heat. You can dry it from the inside out if you like, but that should come with no wrinkles or tears on either side. So, be careful when hanging your wetsuit to dry naturally.


  • Tips to Store

Never use the shoulders of your triathlon wetsuit as anchor points to hang using a hanger. Try to find a hanger that doesn’t have any sharp edges but rather a curly and round straight bar. Curl a soft towel over the round straight hanger bar, and then place your wetsuit over the hanger bar so that it folds only once. Avoid placing or hanging it over sharp-edged anchors to prevent wrinkles and tears.

Check out the best instructions for folding your wetsuit properly. This could come in handy when you have to travel with your triathlon wetsuit or need to put it away during winter using your swimming kit bag.

  1. Place the wetsuit face-down on the bed
  2. Fold the arms diagonally at the back
  3. Fold the legs upwards with ankles to the middle of the suit
  4. Finally, fold the suit in half carefully without putting too much pressure on the fabric


Now that you’ve learned how to take care of your triathlon wetsuit, you can prolong its life to better enjoy swimming activities for longer. But if you’re looking for wetsuits that are well worth your investment, you can check out SUMARPO’s impressive range of swimming gear.

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