Stay Warm And Flexible: The Best Wetsuits For Beginners

How to choose affordable wetsuits for beginners
If you are new to surfing, diving or any other water sports, one of the important items you need to purchase is a wetsuit. The right wetsuit will keep you warm, give you buoyancy, and provide flexibility to move comfortably in the water. However, choosing the right wetsuit can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available in the market.

But worry not, here are five points to keep in mind when choosing your first wetsuit as a beginner.


The Fit Criteria:

One of the most important factors when choosing a wetsuit is the fit. A wetsuit that fits well will keep you warm, comfortable and will prevent water from getting in. A good fit means that it should be snug but not too tight, and it should allow you to move freely in the water. It's advisable to select the right size wetsuits carefully before making a purchase.


Buoyancy and Flexibility:

The next essential factor is the suit's buoyancy and flexibility. These features make sure that you stay on top of the water while staying protected. The suitable buoyancy will help you stay in the right position on the water, while flexibility allows you to move your limbs without any restrictions. A good wetsuit will enable you to paddle or swim with ease.



If you're looking to surf or dive in chilly waters, a thermal wetsuit should be on your list. This type of suit has insulation layers that provide warmth even in freezing temperatures. They come in different thickness, and you need to choose the appropriate one to match the temperature of the water you are entering.


Quick Release:

A good wetsuit should have a quick-release mechanism to allow you to get in and out of the suit easily. This feature is essential if you plan to go out for surf practice on your own without any assistance.



Finally, if you are a competitive swimmer, you may want to choose a suit that prioritizes speed. Speed suits are designed to reduce drag and increase buoyancy to help you move faster in the water. They also have a tight fit that is meant to minimize drag.


In conclusion, choosing the right wetsuit as a beginner is crucial to your enjoyment of water sports. Consider the factors above while keeping in mind your preferences and budget. With the right wetsuit, you can comfortably enjoy all the water has to offer.


Sumarpo N-JOY is designed specifically for beginners in mind, providing the perfect combination of comfort, buoyancy, and speed.


One of the most innovative features of the Sumarpo N-JOY is its honeycomb structure with perforated NBR buoyant materials,that is, adding NBR between two layers of pre-treated neoprene, which has an average increment of 5% buoyancy over the Aerodome series. 


In addition to the honeycomb structure, the Sumarpo N-JOY also features Ti-α insulation technology. This technology helps to prevent water from entering the suit, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout your swim. This is particularly helpful for beginners who may not be fully accustomed to the temperature of the water.


The Sumarpo N-JOY  is made from slip skin also called "super slippery fabric", allowing for fast and easy donning and doffing.Sumarpo website also comes with a detailed size chart. This makes it easy for beginners to find the exact size that will provide them with the best possible fit and comfort in the water.


In conclusion, the Sumarpo N-JOY is the perfect wetsuit for beginner swimmers. Its innovative honeycomb structure, Ti-α insulation technology, super slippery fabric, and detailed size chart  make it the ideal choice for those just starting out on their swimming journey. Whether you're looking to increase your buoyancy, stay warm and comfortable, or simply find a wetsuit that's easy to use, the Sumarpo N-JOY has everything you need to succeed in the water.


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