Three Hot Tips On Triathlon Wetsuit/Swimming

Three Hot Tips On Triathlon Wetsuit/Swimming

If you feel what I am feeling, then the thought of running into a chilly ocean to swim in pursue of that professional medal is about as entertaining as running naked down a ski slope in a blizzard, just with the right swimming suit. At this time of the year, the water temperature never quite matches the warm sunny weather we experience, so it can come as a bit of a shock when you hit the beach for a leisurely swim. It is quite frustrating that you spent hundreds of dollars on a beautiful and fitting wetsuit, yet swimming does not go faster in it and even slower than you are without it. Sometimes, you might even feel awkward and unbalanced in it.

There are a few reasons why you might want to wear a wetsuit. We at SUMARPO have received many inquiries lately from professional triathletes looking for advice on improving their swimming skills and buying the best wetsuits. So, we thought we would share our hot tips on triathlon wetsuits/swimming with everyone within the triathlon space.


Use a Lighter Kick

Maybe it has never occurred to you that the tightness of a wetsuit is to provide stability and extra buoyancy so, giving a hard kick with too much knee bend will compromise its functioning, and you will get a negative forward movement.

Swimming in a 5mm triathlon wetsuit is more comfortable, with less energy loss, as the user requires just a lighter kick to make an excellent forward move. You would be wasting the whole time thinking your hard kick or not kicking at all is all it takes; You are just getting started so, your entire body becomes a burden to carry as you overwork those paddling arms and shoulders.


Use A Straighter Arm Recovery

Arm stroke is critical. Like on the bike, maintaining cadence is critical to maintaining speed. If you are so familiar with pool swimming, you will soon notice that the high elbow recovery style won’t help you when you are in a triathlon 5 mm wetsuit. In a well-fitting wetsuit and with the entire mindset to roll out, the straight arm recovery will ease the tightness around the upper back and shoulders, thus keeping an easy and rhythmic cadence. The most sought-after triathlon wetsuit shoulders are made of special materials, and 680% high flexible SQ-Flex liner lining in the arm and shoulders allow you to exercise freer at your own pace. This will significantly increase the flexibility of the shoulder. I always enjoy watching a frog swim and had to think about what would happen if that dude had got a suit on. Make your straighter swinging arm recovery just slightly above the water, with your hips tipping back and forth, and enjoy the fantastic uniform speed. 


Use a Slower Stroke Rate

Swimming in the open water can be challenging, but it can also be exciting once you gain the confidence, techniques, and conditioning to do it well. Triathlon wetsuit buoyancy is the biggest helping hand to most professional triathletes' slow stroke rates, making it more comfortable at the early hundreds of meters in the swim. Thus less energy dissipation and high efficiency in swimming wetsuits have not gained any weight due to water absorption.

However, many athletes who use the same stroke frequency and kicking movements as they did when training in the swimming pool will also start overheating in their wetsuits.

Because the wetsuit absorbs the water heated from work expenses and becomes heavier, it is not easy to maintain the rhythm used for swimming in a swimming pool without a wetsuit.

At this time, a professional wetsuit is needed; our triathlon wetsuits include a unique GSP system. The groove shape paddle improves your grip in the water, offers you an unparalleled experience in pulling the water, and increases the efficiency of your arm strokes.

The beauty and effectiveness of a triathlon wetsuit can not be complete without talking about its fitness. Consider a double-layer Yamamoto SCS, low collar designed ultra-soft suit, which grips your flesh skin with optimum friction, ensuring little or no water enters your wetsuit.


Best Triathlon Wetsuits

A comfortable triathlon wetsuit for your race will save you the tons of troubles associated with the disgrace of changing it after a few uses.

SUMARPO is a professional triathlon sports brand committed to providing the most professional services for triathletes. We provide professional triathletes with an excellent quality wetsuit for event-level products.