Triathletes’ 2022 wishlist for open water swimming

Triathletes’ 2022 wishlist for open water swimming


Like most people entering a new year, we take a fresh look at what we're most passionate about. There's little doubt that WISH #1 is an all-in-one, magic-wand request to the heavens that goes like this - "I'll do anything to lower my PB every time I compete!" That's understandable but constructively doesn't connect to practical answers about how to do it. So let's dig a little deeper into the "wishing well" to come up with others that are more focused and offer realistic routes to improving personal best times.

The massive drawback and disappointment with wishlists are that they frequently remain just that - yearning for something that fails to transpire for any number of reasons. Triathletes, in general, know consciously (or subconsciously) that PBs only emerge with finding that extra edge and that, somehow, skill, stamina, enthusiasm, or equipment figure into the equation.

Well, Sumarpo - a leader in triathlon technology - understands that the key to it all is to train in open water (not swimming pools). Then, with an intense focus on the proven drivers, you'll get the results you expect - quickly and sustainably. Read on for more insights that should help make your wishes a reality. 


WISH #1 - Improve your open water swimming times in 2022

I suggest a healthy start is coming to terms with the fact that swimming as a discipline is naturally a lonely time. It's just you and the water, going through a lengthy routine. Without set goals and encouragement, inevitably, your motivation is likely to wane, pushing it to the back of the three triathlon disciplines. So, let’s alter that; here are the three most significant change-maker wishes for your consideration: 


WISH #2 - Find me open swimming training partners.

Group training can open the door to new friendships and is the key to making other wishes come true. In many ways, it's the open sesame to a new lease on triathlon life. Even one friend pushing you, adding friendly competition, egging you to meet for a session when you least feel like it can make a massive difference. There's nothing quite like shared experiences to add energy to your preparation for a triathlon. 

Suppose you're lucky enough to find a small group that meets regularly and inserts variety into your training? All the better. You'll find out quickly that others have revealing perspectives on tackling the swimming challenge, with the advantage of diverse skill and experience levels. Tips that you probably would never learn about on your own will amaze you after a very short time of joining. Contact Sumarpo to learn about triathlon swimming groups and like-minded athletes in your area. There are also numerous triathlete clubs and community URLs on social media well worth navigating to explore group possibilities.


WISH #3 - Get me to the right equipment that's also eco-friendly

Triathlon competitions have taught us that weather and water temperatures are vital considerations impacting performance. Freezing conditions can cancel God-given skills and hours of preparation in seconds if you're not ready for it. You'd be surprised to learn that so many triathletes fail to register that their wetsuits are the best solution to element volatility. Instead, participants turn out with kitesurfing, waterboarding, and scuba suits - totally unsuited to triathlon demands - all to save a few dollars. How crazy is that? So it boils down to how serious you are about thriving in this specialized sport because it's the one wish you can make true in the blink of an eye.

The Sumarpo range of wetsuits is second to none, with modern technology (Aeroatom) significantly lighter than the Aerodome neoprene most manufacturers resort to. It creates 30% more buoyancy, thus creating extra flexibility, energy conservation, and speed where and when you need it most. Now aerodynamics technology enables you to glide through even the roughest waters with a 'second skin' that does the heavy lifting the human body can't. And with attention to details like watertight collar designs and honeycomb-shaped air cells built into the neoprene, say goodbye to excessive skin-chafing and coming out of the water chilled to the bone. Yes, a swim going the wrong way can have an unfortunate domino effect on the other two legs (i.e., cycling and running). 

Triathletes are into the green movement more than anyone else because clean air, water, and nature vitally enrich the scenarios we train and compete in. Unlike most suits out there, there's zero petroleum or benzene content in the adhesives or fabrics offered by Sumarpo. Its broad selection of high-performance, biodegradable options will never contaminate the oceans and landfills once you discard it after years of use. The bottom line is that WISH #3 is a cinch to resolve.


WISH #4 - Show me how to train smarter with purpose and enthusiasm

Anyone can swim a long distance if given enough time to do it. However, those in the sport with a competitive spirit know the goal is to do it as fast as possible and still have enough reserves for what's to come. So, it boils down to your training schedules and techniques in open water. They hold the secret to speed and stamina where you’re cheering yourself each time. Examples are as follows: 

  • Interval swims made up of sprints mixed with slow cool-downs for thirty minutes to an hour, sandwiched between a medium-paced stretch to start and end. It's a routine that can cut PBs considerably. 
  • So can time trials over testing, precisely measured stretches, swum weekly to achieve successively lower records (at least that’s the goal). Do it with a group to add a racing ingredient, and you'll enjoy it so much more - with mind-boggling improvement, to boot. 
  • Approach your training sessions using the wetsuit geared to the conditions, ending with taking it off and ready for the cycling leg. You'll find the Sumarpo selection is amongst the easiest for the essential on-and-off process. Everything takes away precious seconds, so “practice makes perfect” should help save all the time you can. 
  • Finally, your selected group starts are excellent assimilations. The latter will help you get used to the jostle and physical contact that inevitably interferes with rhythm at the race start with everyone jockeying for position. 

Other wishes

There are probably scores out there I haven't touched on. For example:

  • Pinpointing new open water swimming venues for:

      • Races
      • Training
    • Coaching and fine-tuning your stroke.

    • Connecting to the best pool training techniques that align with your open water performance.

    Sumarpo is a fantastic resource for all these queries, pointing you to podcasts, videos, and live sessions if they're going on in your area. Indeed, the company is like a one-stop-shop for your 2022 wish list and the shortest cut to the most rewarding outcomes.