Aero Compression Garments Review

SUMARPO compression tights

We all know that compression is great for running, but did you know it’s great for recovery too because it enhances blood circulation and oxygenation. In addition to that, it increases muscle support and stability to reduce muscle vibration when running.


Recently, I got the Sumarpo compression garments for my training and recovery, I have to say that the effect is really beyond expectation. Here’s what I thought.


Aero Compression Top and Bottom

Both the top and the bottom are made from powerful LYCRA for exceptional compression performance. It has convenient to stabilize muscles and reduce lactic acid for optimal power by enhancing blood circulation.


The fabric contains 78% recycled nylon yarn to make it more environmentally friendly. It also has UVP50+ sun protection to keep your skin from UV damage.


Interestingly, the fabric is chlorine resistant. So, it is suitable for all-weather sports, not only cycling and running, but also indoor swimming pools and open water sports, such as triathlon, SUP, etc.


It is breathable and flexible, naturally regulates body temperature, and it guarantees zero chafing because of the breathability in the fabric.


Taking on a test drive

Unfortunately, I was unable to run in the garment but I did wear it around the house to help aid in recovery. It was comfortable, bendable and I could literally feel the blood circulate when I put it on. It felt amazing.


The material is very soft and I love that there are specific areas that have added compression. I also find it interesting that you can wear this in the water.


I got large in both the top and bottom and it’s definitely worth picking up! 


By Hilary Topper in A Triathlete's Diary Posted