SUMARPO wetsuit in the test

SUMARPO wetsuit in the test

We have been swimming in the SUMARPO VANGUARD wetsuit for a few weeks now and have had enough time to test the suit in detail. We decided on the VANGUARD model, which is also the top model in the SUMARPO wetsuit series. The VANGUARD is a professional triathlon wetsuit with excellent buoyancy properties, flexible freedom of movement and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Women wearing wetsuit standing on the shore

SUMARPO wetsuit VANGUARD - fit and comfort

Using the size chart and the additional size information on the SUMARPO website, it is easy to find the right size. We'd rather describe the fit as tight. But that has the big advantage that with the right size you have a really good feeling in the suit, because it really fits like a second skin. In addition to the pleasant neck finish, we were also enthusiastic about the YKK zipper on the back, which is really very easy to open and close.

Another plus point is the inverted U-shaped leg end and the diagonally cut ankle. This combination increases the flexible space at the leg ends and makes it easier to put on and take off quickly.

Women wearing wetsuit standing on the shore

SUMARPO wetsuit VANGUARD - flexibility and buoyancy

The VANGUARD is made with the high quality Yamamoto SCS 40 and 39 neoprene materials. The number serves as an indicator of the buoyancy. The higher the number, the more gas bubbles are enclosed in the neoprene and that in turn means more buoyancy properties when using thinner material.

For maximum buoyancy, the unique Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene with honeycomb air cells and 5 mm Yamamoto SCS 39 on the front legs is used in the chest area. This should optimize the body position and hydrodynamics in the water as best as possible. Our feeling of the water situation while swimming also confirms this. The waterfront feels very good and stable.

The well thought-out combination of different neoprene materials and thicknesses between 1 and 5mm results in a highly efficient flexibility that you can feel when you put it on and that gives you a great feeling in the water. The arm pull feels light as a feather and the arms don't tire quickly. The different thicknesses of the neoprene materials used offer other advantages, such as the best possible horizontal swimming position.

Women's Neoprene Wetsuit

Quality and materials

Only the highest quality neoprene materials, namely exclusively Yamamoto SCS 40 and Yamamoto SCS 39, are used for the entire SUMARPO wetsuit. High-quality materials combined with high-quality production at an unbeatable price, that is our personal impression of the VANGUARD wetsuit after our extensive test phase.

Our Personal Conclusion

In summary, we would like to state that the SUMARPO VANGUARD wetsuit has very good buoyancy properties for us and, due to the different thicknesses - taking into account the respective body zones - has great flexibility. In addition, it scores with a great fit!

So if you are looking for a high quality wetsuit at an unbeatable price, you should definitely take a closer look at the SUMARPO VANGUARD. The suit absolutely convinced us, due to the quality, materials and properties, but above all due to the unique price / performance ratio.

Women wearing wetsuit just after swimming

Further information and the size chart can be found on the SUMARPO website or online shop . You can also buy the suit online here.


SUMARPO has been part of LOS VACATION INC since 2018 and moved to the USA, more precisely to Southern California, in 2019. SUMARPO describes itself as a professional triathlon sports brand committed to providing the most professional services to triathletes with an industry leading team.

Sumarpo is a professional triathlon sports brand

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