We are committed to continuously improving the performance of our products and also making a change for environmental protection. Our trustworthy partners - Team SUMARPO have tested and reviewed our gear in countless races. We appreciate their support and suggestions and firmly believe that we could grow up together!


Martin started triathlon at 13 years old. At 16, he made the national junior team in Chile, and has been racing on the international circuit ever since. Martin has 6 appearances in World Championships (Junior & U23) and several World Cup starts. Making the move in 2019 to the 70.3 distance, he has been able to get on the podium and have 4 top 5 performances. In 2022, Martin will be looking to be based out of North Country San Diego. He is planning to be racing in the USA from April to October. Martin’s team firmly believes he will be finishing consistently in the top 5 of every 70.3 distance race he competes in. We also believe a second World Championship qualification is in the future. We expect Martin to pull off a top 10 performance in the Ironman 70.3 WC and a Collins Cup Qualification for the International Team.
Nicolas was born with a rare genetic disease called Aniridia, and at a young age, sports were not easy for him. However, he soon realized that the passion of running was in him. As a teenager, he focused on the 400m and in adulthood, despite national titles in the Paralympics and regional titles, his career took a different turn. He is mostly motivated by the world around him and the prospect of discovering and creating something new each day.
For many years he was fascinated by the triathlon and the announcement that this category would be introduced for the first time at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games inspired him to pursue it. From climbing Snowdon solo to competing in multiple regional and national championships, Nicolas Dewalque is a man on a mission and refuses to be bound by his visual impairment. His quest is to discover and create new experiences each day.
Branden has been doing triathlon since he was 11. After running in college for a couple of years, he dove head first into the world of swim bike run! After qualifying for his pro license at his first 70.3 in Chattanooga back in 2017, he was hooked. He is really enjoying the triathlon journey. He practiced hard and achieved goals from various competitions like 1st overall 70.3 Galveston, 1st overall 70.3 Arizona, and 6th at ITU World Grand Final. Each competition increased his enthusiasm for triathlon.
It is firmly believed that triathlon has been one of the greatest adventures of his life, leading him around the world and taking him to discover life, and even connecting him with his loved one. He definitely looks forward to taking it to the next level this season when he finally gets to start his professional career!
Robert was born with a birth defect called Fibular Hemimelia. His mother made a hard decision when he was 10 months old to amputate his leg. Growing up wasn’t easy, not only growing up with a disability but as a victim of various traumatic situations. As a young man, he had to adapt PMA (“Positive Mental Attitude”). Robert used sports as a way to show people ‘what I can’ do instead of ‘what I can’t’. Robert quotes “Triathlon has not only helped me train my body but also my mind. “ In his spare time, he became a speaker and founded a non-profit Limb Kind. He helps others embrace the disability, and his voice for the disabled has been inspirational to everyone. In just a year he was able to make his way up the ranks from Amateur to Elite and continue to not only progress but inspire others along the way. His motto is “Anything’s Possible”.


At 62 years old I have spent the last 45 years training and racing in either swimming, running or triathlons and most recently ultra and extreme events to include the new Ötillö type SwimRun events.
I train year-round with 100% of my swimming done open water in the Atlantic ocean. We have several months in the winter where the water never rises above 60°F16.5°c This year I’ve had the pleasure of swimming in Sumarpo wetsuits. Compared to what I have used in the past Sumarpo wetsuits are more durable, warmer for racing, putting them on and taking them off is much easier and faster.
My 2022 racing season is just beginning to shape up, my next race will be the Saint Anthony’s Olympic triathlon in the Tampa area. I believe that my Sumarpo wetsuit will help me take a step to the next level.
I’m 42 years old and I don’t have any sporting background. Ten years ago, I started to enjoy sports for losing my weight and getting rid of sickness.
In 2019, my friend asked: how about a triathlon? I hadn’t even ridden since I was a kid. But I’m not a person who says no, I began to learn to ride all over again, pedal and fall, ride on the road I was so scared of…
One thing I remember is that the morning of the race was one of the happiest ever. I remember smiling from the moment I woke up until I crossed the finish line. And my thought was: “I want to do this for the rest of my life.”
And exactly for that reason, I joined the Team Sumarpo. Because to be better, we must join the best. I’m currently using the Vanguard model and couldn’t be more satisfied.