SUMARPO Victory Wetsuit Review

SUMARPO Victory Wetsuit Review

Like many newbie triathletes, I started out with entry level gear, working my way up as time progressed; in swimming, I started out with a super cheap, entry level wetsuit, progressing to a mid rang one after a year.

When the opportunity arises with SUMARPO to test out a top of the line, pro level wetsuit, I knew I wanted to try it, to see what the advantages and differences were for myself!

This video is brought to you by the great people at SUMARPO, but I would like to stress that all the views expressed in this video are my own. My goal is to make a video that would be useful in deciding what wetsuit to get. I don’t want this video to be as useful as possible.

The wetsuit I tested is the Victory. It is a premium level wetsuit. Let us talk about it!


To test it out in the different range of scenarios, I took it out both to my relatively cold local lake, where I usually train, and then to the beautiful crystal clear sea of Sardinia. I found it very valuable to test the wetsuit out in these two places.

I tested it out swimming mostly what I would classify as “triathlon sets”. That would be 99% of the open water swimming I would use the wetsuit. The wetsuit can help me in maintaining the body temperature in water. For me, it just makes swimming fun, and I can go for longer time even if I’m not a great swimmer. Anyway, it makes me more enjoyable, and it allows me to go out on adventures in places where it would be too cold without a wetsuit.


Why would I classify this as a premium quality wetsuit is because of the materials used and the technologies used in it. This is also reflected in the price. So, the first thing is apparent, is that the materials and the construction are super high quality. The neoprene in particular has nice feeling and is incredibly flexible. It is constructed with Yamamoto.

Victory features unique Yamamoto Aerodome SCS with honeycomb-shaped air cells in the chest and 5mm upgraded Aeroatom neoprene on the front legs. The special air cells technics make our Aeroatom neoprene lighter and bring 35% higher buoyancy.

SCS NANO coating layer over the surface of the Yamamoto neoprene reduces surface drag. Low resistance makes you swim faster with less consumption of energy in water.

Compared with traditional wetsuits, it reduces water resistance by 35% to 45%.

Buoyancy & fit

The wetsuit is developed to help aid with buoyancy by using specific panels on the legs that help with achieving a flat body position. It achieves the highest possible efficiency by pinpointing buoyancy in your legs and providing flexibility in your upper body.

Comfort & flexibility

The biggest difference that was immediate as soon as I tested out the wetsuit, and in my opinion the most massive benefit, is how flexible the shoulders are. This is INSANE. Compared to my mid range wetsuit, it literally felt like I did not have a wetsuit on! The shoulder mobility is huge, and I found my shoulders got less fatigued thanks to this. This is achieve by using specific 1.5mm #45 Yamamoto Aerodome SCS NANO panels with the 520% highly flexible SQ-flex inner liner in the shoulder and arm provide ultimate flexibility. This alone I think would be worth looking into purchasing a premium quality wetsuit.

Unique Design

The wetsuit then has some cool features like 3D GSP(Groove Shape Paddle) Pro system improves your grip in the water; it’s purpose is to of it help with the pull of the water than ever before and increases the efficiency of your arm strokes, which I feel I am a bit of a weak swimmer to take advantage.

The long strap on the zipper at the back, allows to zip up easily without external help.

Eco-based materials

Another super cool thing about this wetsuit is that is uses eco based material, such as eco materials including 100% eco-friendly neoprene: YAMAMOTO LIMESTONE NEOPRENE, recycled fabrics as well as eco friendly glue. The company is also a member of “1% for the Planet”, committed to the cause of environmental protection.


Would I recommend SUMARPO victory wetsuit? My answer is 100% YES!

In my experience, even just the super flexible shoulders make it a worthy purchase. And then, when I put it on, this is just like my second skin and it feels like you don’t have a wetsuit.

If you are looking for a premium quality wetsuit I think it’s definitely worth if it fits your budget. Hope you liked this wetsuit review!